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Actionless Biker, including ‘Where Do We Go From Here?’

It’s as I feared. The popularity of Action biker has overwhelmed me, the constant cries of ‘More, more, more’ are just too much for this poor soul to take.

Yes, with the latest demo of Action Biker on offer for three and a half days* over at RetroRemakesand not a single download having taken place, I think we can re-assign Colin to the bin. This isn’t a defeatest attitude, it’s not me taking my ball away, it’s simply that there are so many better things I could be doing with my life than remaking a game that no one wants and that, it would appear, nobody apart from me ever enjoyed originally.

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Grym Tidings

Well, I’ve been considering writing this for the last couple of weeks, but there you go, it sums me up good and propper, putting things off.

Grym Jim has, possibly not unexpectedly, come to it’s premature end, shuffled off it’s mortal coil, gone to see the great game maker in the sky and, finaly, been resigned to the coding graveyard known as the ‘abandoned pile’.

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Grym Jim

Well, work has started in earnest on game IV.

Grym Jim is a simple concept, the story runs thusly……

 ”T’was a dark and stormy eve when Death himself appeared at Jim’s door. Clad in black robe with scythe in bone’d hand He sucked the life from poor Jim’s mortal body….. Our Jim wasn’t having ANY of this.”

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