Updatathon Part 1.

Lawks! But my, hasn’t it been a while. Over a year since the last post on this here blog, and I’ve done so much yet done so little worth while. I guess I ought stick on an update on some of the stuff I’ve posted about before, that would most likely be a good start.

Heavy on the Magic

Heavy on the Magic (or ASCII on the Magic, whatever) has changed dramatically since I last wrote about it. You may recall that, in my last post (A Kind Of Magick?) I explained that, due to my lack of pixelling skills, I had moved from a remake of HotM to a DEmake. The idea was to ditch the requirement for an artist and to concentrate on the engine of the game itself and, partly because of my love of ZZT, and partly as a nod to the superb demake of Portal by Cymon, but mostly as a means to an end, construct the whole of Heavy on the Magic in ASCII.

As odd as it sounds, it was by far the best thing I ever did on the game, for several reasons.

  • It got me coding the game again.
  • It made me think about some of the problems I had faced in the coding of the game in a different way which, ultimatly, resolved quite a few of the issues I had been having
  • It got me another mention in RetroGamer magazine (Huzzar!)

I worked quite extensively on AotM for three months or so, and had a working engine which looked very much like this…….

So, it's one screen away from the start. I'm not saying I was ever any good at the game!

But then something interesting happened. I decided to test a theory and just drop some graphics in instead of the ASCII stuff……

Which I thought looked rather nice, and stuck with it!

Anyway, there is a sad end to this tale, HotM is currently on hold. Not gone forever, but on hold for a little while at least.

To be honest, there isn’t too much to do to get this finished.

That’s a lie, there is a massive amount to do to get this finished, but I don’t ever intend to finish it, my intention is to release a mini-game, just 40 rooms, but with different puzzles to the original, just so I can get what I have done on it out there.

I don’t think that there is too much to do to get this playable though, and perhaps I’ll get around to it. I’m not promising though……

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