Random Witterings

Yup, that’s what I’m working on right now…..

GrymJim is to have randomly generated enemies. Why? Laziness mostly, but also to see what it’s like. I like the idea of a random element to to Jim’s quest to mix things up a little.

 OK, when I say random enemies, here is the plan….

I’ll assign random values to things like the X location of an enemy, it’s speed, direction and the like. What I’ll NOT do is cast a seed so the locations of the enemies will ALWAYS be the same (in theory) so no one play will be at an advantage (or disadvantage).

Anyway – the first screenies. Be warned, these are using my cobbled together, badly drawn excuse for pixel art.

And it gets better……..

Actually, I don’t think Grym is TOO bad….

There you go anyway, an update for updates sake quite possibly, but an update none the less.

One thought on “Random Witterings

  1. Spraydough

    Sparkes commented, and I inadvertently deleted………

    And you are the first blog link on my restarted blog so I can remember to follow Grym’s development. :)


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