Spellbound Demo Released for Windows and OSX


Download the demo

It won’t come as a surprise to many people who have downloaded my games in the past (particularly those who have downloaded Underlord!), that I have a bit of a thing for Magic Knight.

David Jones’ metal clad hero was, and will continue to be, a very important character for me. The games were addictive, hard as nails and, above all, fun!

Spellbound, the second Magic Knight game and the first ‘true’ Magic Knight Graphic Adventure, was, in my humble one, the best of the bunch.


I’ve been considering a remake for a while, indeed, Underlord started out life, in my mind at least, as a Spellbound remake. Of course, that old issue, graphics, reared it’s ugly head and, not wanting to do it an injustice, I decided the best move was a ‘new’ Magic Knight game.

It’s 5 years since the Underlord beta was released and I still haven’t finished it, graphics again, you see, so Imagine my surprise when I posted one of my (infrequent) ‘anyone fancy drawing me some graphics’ posts on RetroRemakes and someone actually replied!


It possibly helped that the game I was suggesting was, in fact, Spellbound. Possibly is actually an understatement…..

Anyway, to cut a long story short, I’m proud to be able to present the first public demo of Spellbound, the remake, featuring some of the amazing graphics by Saul Cross.


Saul is working like a Trojan getting me new graphics on an incredibly regular basis, and the code is coming on almost as fast.

The demo features the start floor of the game only and is just a taster of what the full game will look and play like.

Feel free to leave feedback here or over on the RetroRemakes forums.

Enjoy the game!

Download the demo


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