This page will eventually hold all my games that have been released. A one stop shop for rubbish retro randomness.

The games hosted here are free and a all my own work – well, obviously, as they are (mainly) remakes full credit should go to the original authors who I HAVE attempted to contact for permissions, but haven’t got anywhere with!

It’s probably safer to say that the coding here is all my own work.

Unless specified. Yeah, that’s probably better, unless specified, all the remakes and original games are the work of one man, me, Spraydough.

But may be based on the ideas / be a blatant rip off of other authors.

Did I mention these games are free? I think I did.

The Games…

SIM (Acorn Electron / BBC – Joshua Portway) – More InfoDownload

SIM has a tendency to fall over quite dramatically in Windows 7

Eric Woz Ere (Based on ‘Eric and the Floaters’ (ZX Spectrum – Y. Tanaka & T. Sasagawa)) – More Info – Download

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